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Patient Reviews

1 month ago
The procedure was performed on time and efficiently. The staff was very polite, knowledgeable and accommodating. And Dr Movva was proficient and provided details as he worked through the procedure. I highly recommend this office for your stem cell or PRP needs. I will be back for sure.
2 months ago
RegenOrthoSport Dallas , you guys are amazing continue doing a great job
Danny Cariaga
2 months ago
Treatment seems to have worked out great. The staff and Doctor are polite and friendly. location is clean and tidy. Did I say it worked? it worked!
Kenneth Ross
2 months ago
Dr Movva and his entire staff are soooo knowledgeable, caring and helpful! I was nervous and they were incredibly patient with me!!! ❤️
Penni Stahl
2 months ago
Dr. Movva and his staff provide exceptional patient care. Dr. Movva's innovative and safe regenerative medicine techniques have significantly improved my mobility and quality of life.
Paul Kotch
2 months ago
I am currently three months post injections in my L3, L4, & L5. I had almost 50% loss of disc height in L4 & L5. The first month was tough, with improvements beginning in the second month. Month three has been miraculous with a return to full strength and zero lower back pain (I used to wake up every morning with back pain). At this point I am extremely satisfied with the results. Dr Movva and his team were very professional, and they made the procedure (which sounds scarier than what it is) very manageable. I will do a follow up review at the 6-month mark.
James Rau
3 months ago
Wonderfully attentive and friendly staff and physician. My questions were answered and my expectations were surpassed. I would recommend RegenOrthoSport Dallas highly to anyone who asks.
Ray Scott Crawford
3 months ago
The stem cell procedure for me was nothing short of miraculous - Dr. Movva over delivered what he promised - staff was awesome - so glad I went this way and avoided major back surgery as I was told I 90% plus better without the surgery!
Terrence Yazel
3 months ago
Had very intense shoulder pain when I went to see Dr. Moova. It’s been 3 months since my last appointment and he’s made such a difference for me. I have many more good days than bad. Thank you to him and his wonderful team! Can’t wait to see how much progress we make over time
Jackie Fernandez
4 months ago
I visited regenorthosport Mumbai for my right shoulder pain since 2yrs ,not improving on steroids /pain-killers/physio,etc I was told that I have OA shoulder with tendon apathy and few tears in my shoulder On basis of my complain, I was suggested to do STEM CELL THERAPY for right shoulder. By DR VEN MOVVA and his associate Dr Maitri It was three day treatment. My complains have reduced since 2months. Today I m taking my 1st PRP booster and hoping to get better on my Shoulder more and more. The staff including the manager /physiotherapist/ OT staff have been super kind and helpful. The service is really good and I have always been answered for all my queries.
Surjeet Singh
6 months ago
I got a very good service from from Dr. Maitri and the help she got from Shadra, Shankar and Saba. I'd a medial meniscus root tear and my ligaments were over used. Dr. Maitri suggested a PRP treatment and I'm happy I took her advice and underwent the needed treatment. I referee in Zürich in the Swiss football league and play in the football league for FCZ 50+ seniors. Once again thank you from my bottom of my heart.
Mario Gomes
6 months ago
I had pain in my left upper back for years and working in medical profession it was getting difficult to function. DR Movva picked up the issue,diagnosed it and gave me a PRP shot for the trigger point and the pain went away and I have been so much better since 6months now and functioning even better with working workout out better. Thanks to dr Movva and team.
Maitri Shah
7 months ago
Love my results !! I highly recommend Dr. Movva and wonderful staff.
Skyler Tuck
9 months ago
In 2017, when I was 45 years old, I lost my ability to go for my regular, daily, 2 miles walk due to severe pain in my knees. I could barely reach the end of my lane which is not even a quarter mile. Then I went from Austin, Texas to Dallas and got the Stem Cell treatment done by Dr Movva. Within a couple of months, I started walking again and regained my full ability to walk those 2 miles without any pain. It has been 6 years now, I have full mobility, go for daily walk, without any no pain. My pain went from 10 to 0. In these 6 years, I visited Dr Movva's clinic for PRP just 3 times, as it helps to keep the tissue healthy and growing. It is important to keep nourishing it. Dr Movva and his team are very friendly and nice to work with. He is amazingly skilled at his work, and very knowledgeable. I have referred several friends and family members to Dr Movva. I am a strong advocate of Stem Cell treatment, and Dr Movva!!
Srinivas Dasagi
10 months ago
Dr Movva is an excellent physician. I have had PRP twice on my lower lumbar area. He took his time, going over my symptoms and presenting a clear treatment plan. I Have had substantial relief. I have recommended several friends and family, all of which have benefited from his expertise. His experienced team is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, a well run practice. I feel fortunate to have found this exceptional doctor and staff. My highest recommendation!
R Munoz
1 year ago
Excellent staff and care. Dr MOVVA very kind and professional. Had both hips treated. Both now have less pain but the left one is better than the right. I was treated 5 years ago. Considering more treatment for the right hip now.
Pam Snowberger
1 year ago
I've had a 7mm tear in my shoulder for the last 5 years and bulging discs at L4 L5 S1 for the last 4 years. PT helped a little but I always felt this slight tweak in my back. It's been a month today and I'm finding myself bending over without noticing pain which has not been the case for the last 4 years. I'm able to swing a golf club again without pain in my shoulder too. Cecilia did an excellent job on the blood draw for the PRP and was very helpful after the stem cell injections. Dr. Movva was very professional and took the time to explain exactly what he was doing to me. The whole process never felt rushed and the bed side manner or Cecilia and Dr. Movva could not have been any better. I would say if you're thinking about stem cell injections it's worth investigating over surgery. It's still early but I can without a doubt say I am feeling better now than I did before I walked in and am glad I did it over back surgery.
Wendell Langdon
1 year ago
I wish I knew about this 15 years ago. I am no longer in pain and I have Dr. Movva to thank. The staff and service was a solid 10/10!!
Blanca Vargas
1 year ago
I would like to thank Regenorthosport for their treatment and kindness during my procedure. I feel much better now after the treatment.
Rohit Aggarwal
1 year ago
My appointments with Regenorthosport have all been a positive experience. They have diagnosed and explained the treatment procedures to me clearly.
Badis Gasseum
1 year ago
I would like to thank Regenorthosport for their treatment and kindness during my procedure.
Lindany Cyril
1 year ago
The entire team of Regenorthosport are very friendly, cooperative and caring. The treatment I received was very much satisfactory. I really appreciate the work done by Dr.Venkatesh and his team.
Anurag Singh
1 year ago
The entire team of Regenorthosport are very friendly, cooperative and caring. The treatment I received was very much satisfactory.
Rajesh Ariya
1 year ago
The doctors here always take the time to listen to you and address any issues. The procedures didn’t take much time. I would highly recommend Regenorthosport to anyone.
Abdelhak Nouar
1 year ago
I highly recommend Regenorthosport to anyone seeking top-notch orthopaedic care. One of the best in the field and I am grateful for getting treated by them.
Jairo Duran
1 year ago
I am grateful to have received such top-notch care at Regenorthosport. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of orthopaedic treatment.
Tulla Duma
1 year ago
It's great experience for me. I really appreciate to this service
Sidi Med
1 year ago
My Knee pain has been persistent for quite some time now. And I have been looking for options to treat this pain, upon a friend's suggestion I visited RegenOrthoSport. I had zero knowledge about these procedures and was hesitant to try them. However, the doctors have guided me and advised me for a specific treatment. I’m glad that I tried their treatment, I’m recovering faster and the pain is gradually reducing.
Moov Center
1 year ago
I’m so glad I got treated at RegenOrthoSport. They understand patient problems and needs better. I would recommend them to everybody I know.
Allegne Roth Zokou
1 year ago
Their efforts in making the patients feel at ease and treating them with extreme care is commendable. Thanks to RegenOrthoSport for making my recovery so easy and faster than I expected.
Baba Diaby
1 year ago
A great team, an overall wonderful experience at RegenOrthoSport. My treatment procedure was simple and it has improved my condition and I’m doing much better after the physiotherapy recommended by them.
Djibrilla Kima
1 year ago
The doctor here at RegenOrthoSport explained everything in detail. He suggested that my ailments will not require any surgery. I’m really happy with the treatment and I’m recovering now.
N'guessan Maxime Kouadio
1 year ago
The team from start to finish was absolutely outstanding. The staff is exceptional, who can make your experience of a painful situation just like any other happy day. Everything that they say is more than true and accurate. I look forward to my follow-ups now after my treatment.
Tiemoko Esther
1 year ago
Within 10 minutes of meeting, I was confident about the treatment. I am four months into my recovery and could not be more pleased with the procedure. Happy with the entire staff, what a wonderful group of professionals.
Kone Hamidou
1 year ago
The service and treatment has been extremely great. It was a hassle free procedure. I’m really happy with the outcome and ever thankful to RegenOrthoSport.
Katchene Coulibaly
1 year ago
Joint pains have always been an issue. But I never really took care of them and now as I’m ageing, the pains have become unbearable. My son wanted me to try out RegenOrthoSport’s natural bone marrow aspirate concentrate treatment. I wasn’t sure about how this works and didn’t go for it. My son was adamant and took me to the clinic. After meeting Dr.Movva, I changed my opinion and went for the treatment. The procedure was simple and the pain has significantly reduced. I would like to thank RegenOrthoSport and Dr.Movva.
Ajay Kumar
1 year ago
Knee Arthritis has affected my life very much. I was able to run for miles and now I’m unable to do any of my activities without pain. My wife has heard about RegenOrthoSport and wanted me to try it out. I was apprehensive in the beginning, but after meeting Dr.Movva and understanding these natural treatment options, I was quite confident about the medical procedure. It’s been a month and I feel relieved from the pain and my condition is much better and I’m able to get back to my normal routine.
1 year ago
I had an ACL tear during trekking 2 months ago. I have been using medications suggested by a few doctors, however the pain still persisted. I came across RegenOrthoSport videos on youtube and wanted to know more about these procedures. I visited their clinic and understood how the procedures work and wanted to try it. Dr.Movva has treated my condition and I feel much better after the treatment and the regular physiotherapy also is really helpful. Thanks to RegenOrthoSport and the team.
2 years ago
The team from start to finish was absolutely outstanding. Everyone at this clinic is patient-minded, in that the patient always comes first. Dr. Venkatesh takes the time with his patients & ensures they understand the treatment plan, & always allows time to answer any questions his patient may have. A big thank you to all who were involved in my procedure.
2 years ago
The very best doctor, the very best staff. Communicates with you about everything. Such a caring group. I am thankful for care I have received.
2 years ago
Dr. Movva and his Regen Ortho Sport staff are very friendly and professional. I’ve received several treatments from Dr. Movva to treat a lower back injury over the past few years, and while any procedure isn’t a pleasant experience Dr. Movva always makes the me feel comfortable and “in good hands”. Results for any procedure are on a case by case basis but the only way to know if something works for you is to try. I haven’t given up trying to improve my quality of life and continue to return to Dr. Movva with the hope that with continued treatments I can reduce the pain and discomfort I experience on a daily basis. Thank you Dr. Movva
Benjamin Ruppel
2 years ago
I cant say enough about Dr Movva and his team I had the stem cell procedure done on my lower back with a pinched nerve with great results so far. I am now 8 months post op and have regained my life after being in pain for almost a year.
Edgar Reyna
2 years ago
Dr Movva helped me get back on my bike again! I can’t express how grateful I am for him and his staff.
Patel Raz
2 years ago
Such a great group of people. Doctor Movva and his team are professional and friendly. They put you at ease and provide options in lieu of surgery. Shorter mobility and recovery timeframes plus less pain!
Teddi Faille
3 years ago
I have done this for two injuries and it has been amazing! I had a badly torn meniscus in my left knee which caused persistent pain for almost a year despite consistent conservative home treatments. About 6 months after the procedure it was almost 100%. Then, earlier this year I had a minor injury to my right knee. After about 8 weeks after the procedure the right knee is feeling great. Be sure to follow the instructions; do the physical therapy and try to cut your caffeine and sugar intake.
Matthew Dulock
3 years ago
I would like to thank Dr. Movva and his staff, for the care and attention they provided for my mother. My mother is doing very well and we are very satisfied with the procedure. Again Thank You for service.
Leonor Jackson
3 years ago
nothing but kind words to say about this man he saved my hips from being replaced
Leanord Willborn
3 years ago
I had the best experience with Dr Movva and his team . All of my questions were answered thoroughly. I can not wait for my upcoming procedure:)
Katherine Pruitt
3 years ago
Had such an amazing experience with Dr Movva and his team ! It has been six months post procedure and I’m back to riding my back with NO PAIN . Defiantly recommend looking into them .
Travis Copelan
3 years ago
I LOVE Dr. Movva, he has done prp in my SI joint 4 times and it was slipping daily when I met him. Now I'm biking, climbing, doing elliptical machine!!! I have faith that I will be running and jumping soon too! I also trust Kayla and Cecelia and I thank all of you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Allshine Services
3 years ago
Beautiful clinic and caring staff . Ceci and Kayla helped me through the entire process and Dr Movva was great. Can not wait to see my results
Randy Smith
3 years ago
My husband and I have had several of our joints treated with the stem cells injections. Dr Movva and his staff went above and beyond with the care they provided for us, and we have had nothing but excellent results!
Rocquel Hogan
3 years ago
This treatment has worked miracles for me! I am very pleased.
Kathryn Moore
3 years ago
This office is highly recommended! Everyone has great bed side manners. Questions were answered with the most detailed and understanding way. Could not have asked for a better experience.
Catherine Wilson
3 years ago
I have been on the FB groups for quite a.while, rooting the horn for the Regenexx Process of PRP. I have had two prior PRP procedures: first the cervical spine and then the lumbar spine; recently I began having pain down the nerves into both legs. We have retired to Mexico, so the trip to Dallas is not a quick drive down to their office. I make the effort because I know it works and I know with Dr. Movva ans his amazing staff that I am in great hands! I worked in there medical field for years in the Seattle area as an office administrator, with orthopedic and Neurosurgeons - I have had my neck and low back injuries for years. The surgeons I worked with were known for her their excellent skills and knowledge and all told me, “never let anyone cut into your spine”! A friend of ours was one of Regenexx’s first bone on bone knees, around 15 years ago, so I knew that his treatment regrew all of his tissue and cartilage around his knee, preventing a knee replacement his surgeon had recommended. I suffered excruciating pain everyday for years but kept hoping and praying Regenexx would come up with procedures that would help me. One day my husband and. I were on a flight, and I was scanning the airlines magazine and saw an ad introducing Regenexx trained physicians for spine injuries. As we were heading to Dallas for a family wedding, I called upon landing and made an appointment for a consultation. Long story short- it works! This time I had PRP to calm the nerve roots and three days later, they harvested my bone marrow (under medication), while I waited in a lounge room, they processed by bone marrow and then injected it into my L4-5 and L5, S1 discs. The only thing I really felt was like a finger tapping on my skin as he was harvesting the bone marrow. They use lidocaine for local anesthetic (I am a total needle phobe). If you consider your insurance deductible and your out of pocket Co-pay, you are going to be better off after this procedure, I had to rest for 4 days before we flew back to Baja, our daughter picked us up at the airport and the drive took it out of me, I woke up this morning feeling NO PAIN! I was given home rehab exercises to do, I am forever grateful to Regenexx and Dr. Movva. Kimberly Albaugh
Kimberly Albaugh
3 years ago
My knees feel so much better ! What a lovely staff and facility .
Sharon Hall
3 years ago
staff was very attentive and Dr Movva is Great ! The regenexx procedure helped me get back to a sense of normalcy. I have less pain and inflammation !
Leo Rodriguez
3 years ago
The treatment was a little strong but worth it, because I no longer suffer from pain and now, I can exercise and get on my daily routines. I have lost weight thanks to this treatment; I really recommend him because he is one of the best doctors in DFW thanks Dr. Movva. Thanks to Cecilia & Keyla for your great customer service and hospitality.
Isra Shalkour
4 years ago
I had a great experience by getting treated here at RegenOrthoSport. I found Regenexx procedures were the best treatment option when my doctor suggested that I should go for knee replacement surgery. In fact, it is great to know that my biological cells were of this great help to treat my knee problem. I feel much better after receiving the treatment from RegenOrthoSport.
Tushar Tyagi
4 years ago
I was supposed to get a knee replacement surgery, as suggested by my doctor. I happened to visit the clinic when I came to know about non-surgical treatment for knee problems. I was extremely pleased by their hospitality when I approached the RegenOrthoSport clinic. I had undergone a stem cell procedure for my knee, and I feel much better now.
Sheetal Yadav
4 years ago
I have had two treatments of cell injections - Shoulders and Knees for meniscus tears. In both instances, the procedures were done with a high degree of professionalism. There is no guarantee of results but I have had very good results. However, you need to be patient and willing to do physical therapy as a additional (and crucial) part of the treatment.
Joe Moya
5 years ago
I had an ACL tear two months ago during a training session. Consulted Dr. Movva at Regenexx Dallas, his team was very helpful in providing information and took good care of me during my visits to the clinic. Got regenexx sd treatment done for my injury. I am happy with the way my recovery is going. Thanks to Dr. Movva and his team.
John Mathew
5 years ago
I was to undergo a knee replacement surgery because my knee was severely injured, which I was not comfortable with. I then heard about Regenexx and Dr. Movva in Dallas and inquired about it. The treatment not only healed my injury but saved me from going through surgery.
Mike Ross
5 years ago
Great staff and wonderful experience. Would recommend for anyone wanting to feel better.
Michelle Moore
5 years ago
I am a 70+ male who had accepted dibillitating shoulder pain as a given for the rest of my life. 2 surgeons told me that shoulder replacement was my only option and that would not address my arthritis pain. When I heard about Regenexx and Regen Ortho Sport, I was skeptical to say the least. After much research, I contacted Regen and had an MRI on both shoulders. I spoke with Dr. Movva and he told me the procedure would help me but couldn't guarantee the range of motion I had as a teenager. I had the procedure in both shoulders and the arthritis pain was gone within 2 weeks. I have full range of motion in both shoulders within 4 months-PAIN FREE!!. Pain no longer wakes me up at night. The results seem too good to be true but they are true. All the staff made me feel right at home from the beginning - I couldn't ask for a better experience. Happy, Happy, Happy-Billy
Billy Sartor
5 years ago
2 and 1/2 years ago I opted for this treatments instead of knee replacement. I just completed a Rim 2 Rim hike of the Grand Canyon. The knees were great! Sore calf muscles were the only pain I had.
Pam Cash
6 years ago
Was told I needed a knee replacement for many years. My attorney tried Dr. Movva and told me about it. It’s been 3.5 years since Dr. Movva treated me with stem cells injections. My knee is great and does not need replacing! I am 64 and snow ski, golf, hike, hunt, and no issues! This treatment has been a real game changer!
Bart T
6 years ago
This is a great doctor and staff everything was wonderful .I am so glad I decided to do the stem cell injections for my torn rotator cuff it has been a great experience with great customer service all the way
Jacci Trussell
6 years ago
This technology is amazing. My knees are really good - no pain. I had them done in February. Have stem cells - please don’t have knee replacements.
Susan Scruggs
6 years ago
Sept 11 was my first visit, Dr. Movva is one special Doctor he gave me my life back! After two weeks I was back hiking and riding my motorcycle. My second visit was two weeks ago and still enjoying my new life. Thank you Regenerxx and Dr Movva at RegenOrthoSport
Valerie Bell
6 years ago
Went here on a friend's referral to have stem cells pulled from my back and placed into my knees. The staff is amazing and patient. I had lots of questions and several scheduling issues. Kayla and Naomi were very kind. Dr. Movva was very gracious as well. I'll update this post 6 months from now to see if I can feel a healing going on.
Red Brown
6 years ago
My husband has a torn meniscus and instead of traditional surgery, he decided to have the stem cell procedure, Regenexx. The staff at RegenOrthoSport is fantastic. We called a few times before the procedure with questions and concerns and not once did anyone there make us feel badly for having so many questions. Once we got there everyone was so nice and professional and the procedure went so smoothly. Dr. Movva, Tracy, the physical therapist, and the nurses were all professional, knowledgable and easy to talk with. Dr. Movva especially made us feel at ease. He is a phenomenal doctor who actually listens to his patients and talks with them, not at them or over their heads. He goes above and beyond and he truly does help people. He explained everything and not only the technical aspects of it but also the "why" of it and how it is much more beneficial and practical than regular surgery. I cannot recommend RegenOrthoSport enough! Yes, you have to pay out of pocket because stem cell procedures are not FDA approved, but it is worth every penny. Dr. Movva and his team here in Dallas really are the best at what they do.
Chelle J.
6 years ago
I suffered from arthritis in my knee and hip I walked with a very pronounced limp and was always in considerable pain. I was referred to Dr. Mova by one of my customers it was the greatest thing I have ever done I met with the doctor and he told me I was a good candidate for stem cell procedure. I had the procedure done one month ago and already I notice a huge difference. I am so greatful to Dr. Mova and his staff. If you suffer from arthritis in your joints or have no cartilage in your knees or hips this is a wonderful alternative. I highly recommend this procedure.
Norman Colebaugh
7 years ago
Super professional, amazing staff, pain free for the first time! Defiantly worth the visit!
Vanessa Wilson
8 years ago
I had been experiencing severe ankle pain for almost two years. I was barely able to walk 100 feet without having to rest. It was determined that I had several issues, arthritis, ligament damage, and bone spurs. I was hoping for some relief, maybe within a few months. To my amazement, after the fourth day, my pain was almost completely gone! This is day six and I just walked half a mile, PAIN FREE. This result is beyond my wildest expectation. Great job doc !!!
Bill Discher

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