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3 weeks ago
I LOVE Dr. Movva, he has done prp in my SI joint 4 times and it was slipping daily when I met him. Now I'm biking, climbing, doing elliptical machine!!! I have faith that I will be running and jumping soon too! I also trust Kayla and Cecelia and I thank all of you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 months ago
Outstanding immunologist.
Debbie Singer
11 months ago
This is a follow-up to my previous review because my husband John just finally had an MRI of his knees this December. Since his stem cell injection in spring of 2017 he has been having no issues on the tennis court. He was bone on bone so this was his only hope to evade a knee replacement. The MRI confirmed not only does he have adequate space now it was more space than Dr. Movva believed he would have. We cannot be happier and grateful to Dr. Movva for saving John’s career!!! Stem cell therapy WORKS and Dr. Movva is the BEST!
Mahendra Kalantri
1 year ago
it helps to cure diseases
Renee Neumann
1 year ago
It has only been 2-1/2 months since I had stem cell treatment on my knee and prp for knee and spine. I feel like there is still healing going on but am happy to write a review recommending this life changing therapy. I can now walk up the stairs, no longer have clicks or gives in my knee, and no longer have the crippling arthritic pain every night! My low back has not acted up since the treatment even though it gets sore after bathing the dog, but I am not left imobile for a week! If you can manage to get this procedure, do it you will be so glad you did. I am and I’m still healing....😁
Chetan Surana
1 year ago
Great initiatives, it will help get ride of knee surgeries.
Pravin Pawar
2 years ago
I will like to follow the procedure of patented stem cells. I am suffering from back pain, rib pain, lumber pain and knees pains
Arup Nath
2 years ago
Stem Cell Treatment for Spine Disc Injury in India
Afsar Imam
2 years ago
Training With Certification is available.?
Pam Cash
2 years ago
2 and 1/2 years ago I opted for this treatments instead of knee replacement. I just completed a Rim 2 Rim hike of the Grand Canyon. The knees were great! Sore calf muscles were the only pain I had.
Bart T
2 years ago
Was told I needed a knee replacement for many years. My attorney tried Dr. Movva and told me about it.It’s been 3.5 years since Dr. Movva treated me with stem cells injections.My knee is great and does not need replacing! I am 64 and snow ski, golf, hike, hunt, and no issues! This treatment has been a real game changer!
2 years ago
Mahathi Kankanala
2 years ago
norman colebaugh
2 years ago
I suffered from arthritis in my knee and hip I walked with a very pronounced limp and was always in considerable pain. I was referred to Dr. Mova by one of my customers it was the greatest thing I have ever done I met with the doctor and he told me I was a good candidate for stem cell procedure. I had the procedure done one month ago and already I notice a huge difference. I am so greatful to Dr. Mova and his staff. If you suffer from arthritis in your joints or have no cartilage in your knees or hips this is a wonderful alternative. I highly recommend this procedure.
Teresa (Terri) Stewart
4 years ago
I was told by an orthopedist in Tulsa I needed new knees soon. I went to another orthopedist in Oklahoma City that was suppose to be the best and he said I needed double knee replacement, I asked this ortho about the stem cell procedure. This doctor said I didn't have enough cartilage to grow anything from. I found Dr. Movva he said I had enough cartilage. Dr. Movva did the procedure two years ago and I am 100% pain free. Plus he is the nicest and kindest man I have ever met.

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