Best Orthopedic Sports Medicine Procedures

Sports play a significant role in maintaining a good physique and physical health. Numerous sports competitions are happening every year, nationally and internationally. Professional athletes spend maximum time in improving their performance throughout their life. It is quite common that every sports person will experience some sort of sports injury during the career. Sports injuries affect the performance of an athlete and keep them away from the sports ground.

Orthopedic sports medicine focuses on dealing with the musculoskeletal problems associated with sports injuries. Orthopedic sports medicine physician excels in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Sports medicine doctor expertise in any form of acute, complex, rare, and chronic sports conditions.

Regenerative orthopedic sports injury clinic has a team that comprises orthopedic sports doctors, physiotherapists and other clinical staff to assist during the procedure. Physiotherapists play a significant role in helping the patient with pre and post-treatment recovery and rehabilitation.

Regenerative sports medicine physician is the one who received an additional fellowship in sports medicine. Sports injuries treatment by using stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy is highly beneficial for elite and professional athletes who cannot spare much time in recovery and rehabilitation.

Non-surgical treatment for sports injuries

Regenerative medicine plays a pivotal role in sports injury treatment. Orthopedic and sports medicine doctor who specializes in regenerative therapies provides minimally-invasive, non-surgical therapies for the treatment of sports injuries. Apart from treating and preventing the sports injuries, regenerative stem cell and Super concentrated platelets (SCP) treatments protect the health of the tissue that surrounds the damaged area.

Stem cell therapy for sports injuries is a cutting-edge regenerative treatment option that utilizes the patient’s autologous bone-marrow-derived stem cells. The stem cells are the specialized cells in the body that can develop into various cell types according to the tissue that is to be regenerated. Stem cells are injected into the site of the injury where they release a protein called a cytokine & various growth factors which repairs the damaged tissue and regenerates a healthy one.

Super concentrated platelets (SCP) treatment for damaged ligaments, tendons, and muscles is an effective non-surgical orthopedic therapy that utilizes the patient’s own biological cells. The treatment process is a same-day, outpatient method where a patient need not worry about a hospital stay. During the procedure, blood is drawn from the patient’s vein and centrifuged in a laboratory to obtain a platelet concentrate.

The plasma concentrate rich in platelets is used in the treatment of orthopedic injury. The SCP is usually 15 to 20 times more concentrated than the regular plasma. The SCP contains growth factors that accelerate tissue repair and healing when injected into the site of injury. The healing and tissue regeneration happens after 2 to 6 weeks of injecting the SCP concentrate.

Post-treatment care

One should be extremely careful for up to a few weeks after the treatment. No external pressure or stress should be imposed on the treated joint. Any pressure exerted on the treated joint will affect the impact of stem cells and blood platelets in the treated area.

Post-treatment physiotherapy plays a significant role in healing and recovery. Physiotherapy exercises improve the blood flow in the treated area, thereby enabling faster recovery from the condition. Also, it is recommended to avoid any kind of strenuous activity that delays the healing process. Regular physiotherapy exercises improve the range of motion and functionality of the treated joint structure.

It is important to levitate the pain and ensure that the athlete isn’t suffering from it in the long run. Having proper guidance and help from a reliable pain management clinic will heal the pain and make the athlete better. He or she will be able to get back to the ground quickly without the hassle of pain.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the common sports injuries treated with regenerative therapies?

Stem cell therapy and SCP therapy can treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems associated with sports injuries. Acute musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle strains, ankle sprains, elbow, shoulder, spine and knee injuries, are some of the most commonly treated sports injuries by using regenerative stem cells therapy and SCP procedures.

Do regenerative therapies for sports injuries result in complications?

Regenerative therapies involved in the treatment of sports injuries are highly safe and do not result in any complications. Surgical intervention often results in post-treatment complications like infections; whereas stem cell therapy and SCP therapy are the minimally invasive treatments done with autologous biological cells where the chances of developing complications are zero.

Will a person have to follow a specific diet post-treatment?

Once the stem cell or SCP therapy is done, it is advisable to follow all the necessary instructions given by the doctor. Although there is no specific diet as such to follow, one needs to take healthy foods in the diet to enable faster tissue healing. Taking good food with all the macros and other essential minerals plays a significant role in the formation of new tissue.

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