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All through the world, stem cell therapy is being touted as a miracle cure for everything from wrinkles to spinal repair. Even though not very many of these applications have any scientific backing, stem cell treatment for knees has been the subject of many promising studies. To get the therapy opt for knee doctor Dallas, & look for best orthopedic knee surgeons in Dallas. You can also look for Stem cell treatment for knees Dallas if you have a minor issue, but many people suffer from knee pain, if the therapy for treatment doesn’t work they will go for medicinal surgery or replacement. Get the knee surgery done from best knee replacement surgeons in Dallas tx under experts observation.

Arthritis creates when the ligament coating the joints begins to crumble, causing pain and restricting function. Osteoarthritis is incredibly common. Arthritis and comparative conditions are a noteworthy reason for disability in the world. Presently, in various cases, Stem cell treatment for knees Dallas is reducing agony and repairing the ligament. Subsequently, numerous people have possessed the capacity to improve their satisfaction and avoid medical surgery.

As studies proceed with, the structures and combinations of stem cell preparations are enhancing, and results are relied upon to improve too. The job of adult stem cells is to keep up and mend tissues by recharging damaged and dying cells. In a few territories of the body, for example, the knee, blood supply is constrained, so stem cells don’t function and they should.

On the other hand, however, they can be infused, and soon they appear to start the self-recuperation process.

Stem cell for knees treatment

The typical job of the joint ligament is to advance smooth movement of joint surfaces and shield bones from friction. This procedure allows for stun retention of up to 20 times the heaviness of the body. It’s fundamental to physical movement, particularly in athletics. Osteoarthritis is the most widely recognized chronic degenerative disorders, and it very often affects the knee, causing disintegration of its joint ligament over time.

Osteoarthritis can also start because of knee damage, for example, a tendon tear, ligament harm, or a break. Despite the injury, the joint ends up unsteady, and this wears out the articular ligament. From that point, the bone can endure harm also, notwithstanding the synovial joint covering, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Dallas is negligibly intrusive. It’s a technique that can decrease irritation, moderate and repair every one of these types of harm from arthritis, and delay or prevent knee replacement medical surgery from best knee replacement surgeons in Dallas Tx.

Stem cell knee injections

Adult stem cells can be removed from bone marrow or fat through basic strategies. It’s at that point packed and infused into the knee with image guidance, as a rule to results. In one examination, patients experienced a change in the two knees although just a single knee was infused. Although natural decay of the knee proceeds, at five years, those knees that are infused with stem cells are in the better shape they were before the infusions. Consult with the best orthopedic knee surgeons in Dallas & get it injected.

Researchers trust that stem cell therapy for the knee from best knee doctor Dallas works by:

developing into essential cartilage cells

defeating the inflammation that can worsen joint inflammation

releasing proteins considered cytokines that moderate degeneration of cartilage and reduce torment

Continuous research is striving to figure out which stem cell knee therapy & treatment strategies, stem cell choices, and dosages yield the best and steady outcomes. While some appear to be healthier than others and generally speaking outcomes are promising, more research is required.


Even though stem cell therapy can present serious dangers when performed on different parts of the body, for example, the eyes or the spine, it’s moderately protected when performed on the knees. Stem cell treatment utilizing adult stem cells is most secure because the stem cells are gathered from the individual’s own body. It reduces the danger of an awful reaction.

Risks are increased if:

diverse kinds of stem cell are utilized

stem cells are taken from the patient yet then developed in the lab after some time

stem cells are blended with different mediums or synthetic concoctions

Because this is such a new area, new research is released frequently.

While the FDA is nearly watching stem cell therapy improvements, the main applications that are affirmed include embryonic stem cells to treat blood or invulnerable system issue.

Regenexx® Stem Cell & Platelet Procedures for Knee Arthritis, Meniscus Tears, Tendon & Ligament Tears, Overuse Injuries and Other Conditions.

Regenexx® Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures are breakthrough, non-surgical stem-cell treatments for people suffering from knee pain due to common injuries to the knee meniscus, ACL or MCL, cartilage, or who are experiencing degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis.
Traditional options for patients suffering from these conditions include arthroscopic knee surgery to repair ligament tears, or total knee joint replacement. With both surgeries, months of rehab are required, and the patient must be aware of and prepared to take on the risks. As an alternative, the Regenexx Same-Day procedure may help alleviate knee pain and the conditions that cause it with a simple office injection procedure.
Patient Outcome Data & Commonly Treated Knee Conditions

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Commonly Treated Knee Conditions

This is not a complete list, so please contact us or complete the Regenexx Candidate Form if you have questions about whether you or your condition can be treated with these non-surgical procedures.

  • Arthritis
  • Meniscus Tears
  • ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL sprain or tear
  • Knee Instability
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome/Chondomalacia
  • Pes anersine bursitis
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy
  • Hamstrings Tendinopathy

Stephanie’s Regenexx Story

After two knee surgeries and loss of cartilage, knee pain took away everything from Stephanie. After her Regenexx stem cell procedure with Dr. Venkatesh Movva in Dallas, Texas, she was able to return to teaching Jazzercise and doing the things she loved. This is her story.


How Regenexx Procedures Work

Stem Cell Treatments

Same Day Stem Cell Protocol

Adult stem cells are cells from your own body that can renew themselves and turn into other cells (differentiate). They live inside all of us in various tissues, poised to leap into action to repair damage as it occurs. As we age or have big injuries, we may not be able to recruit enough of these cells to the site to fully repair the area. Regenexx Stem Cell Procedures help overcome this problem by extracting stem cells from an area of high volume, then concentrating the cells and reinjecting them into the damaged area to help the body heal naturally. Our Patented Stem Cell Procedures can be used for a wide range of conditions and are the tool of choice for injuries, arthritis and other conditions that may be more significant than what may be treated with our Platelet Rich Plasma or Platelet Lysate Procedures.

Blood Platelet Treatments

Super Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma & Advanced Platelet Lysate Procedures

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Lysate Injection Treatments contain healing growth components from your own blood that increase your body’s natural ability to repair itself. The use of PRP to repair joint, tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries is becoming well known, thanks to exposure from professional athletes. Platelet injection treatments are effective because they have a stimulating effect on the stem cells within the targeted area, making those stem cells work harder to heal damaged tissues. Our Advanced Platelet Procedures are more pure and concentrated than those created by the automated machines used at most regenerative medicine clinics. Platelet procedures are commonly used for soft tissue injuries, mild arthritis and spine conditions.

Your Alternative to Knee Surgery

Surgical options for those dealing with painful knee issues range from arthroscopic knee surgery to total knee joint replacement. Recent research has shown that some of the most popular arthroscopic surgeries have no benefit at all (including meniscus surgery). Knee replacement is extremely traumatic and carries new-found risks of toxic wear particles entering the blood stream. Surgical risks aside, all surgeries minimally require months of painful rehab to regain strength and mobility. Most surgeries also accelerate the cascade of degeneration that leads to osteoarthritis.
Surgery is sometimes the obvious solution for severe cases and we acknowledge that stem cells cannot treat everything. However, we have seen exciting results on difficult cases, such as complete muscle and ligament tears, and we have helped thousands of patients with severe arthritis avoid knee replacement and continue to do the things they love with little or no pain. Most Regenexx patients experience little or no downtime from their procedure and are encouraged to return to activity as they begin to feel better.

Common Knee Conditions



Knee replacement surgery comes with many serious risks and complications, but is often considered to be a straightforward and accepted approach to treatment for those suffering from significant arthritis or injury in this joint. Before you consider knee replacement, learn what Regenexx can do for you and download our free report.

Meniscus Tears


Meniscus tears are one of the most common injuries we treat. The last option anyone should consider for treating a meniscus injury is the surgical removal of all or some of this important structure. Click below to learn why Regenexx is likely a better choice than meniscus surgery.

ACL Tears


Knee ACL tears are a very common injury. The rush to surgery has long been due to the traditional thinking that an ACL will not heal. Our experience treating ACL tears with the Regenexx patented stem cell treatment has shown that it may be a better option for those who have experienced a partial or complete non-retracted ACL tear.

Free Report: 10 Rarely Discussed Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee and hip replacement surgeries come with many risks and complications. Several years ago we queried the National Sampling System for Medicare and found that in the year 2008 alone, there were 17,500 serious complications related to knee replacement surgery resulting in 5,000 patient deaths.

If joint replacement is an option for you, please take the time to read this report. These 10 facts come from the Regenexx website. Our goal is to provide information that will help you make the right choice for you.

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RegenOrthoSport in the News


Dr. Movva on KOTV 6 Tulsa

Dr. Ven Movva discusses Regenexx Procedures as an alternative to surgery in this recent news story. The story features a Regenexx patient who underwent treatment in Tulsa, OK.

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